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 Community Deserves The Best!

HEAT RADIO 1     is an internet-based media entertainment company & radio station broadcasting out of Charlotte North Carolina dedicated to the world-wide community.
Our service is of an informative and entertaining value, & creating awareness of various social issues and attempting to gain recognition in order to promote the best of our cultural heritage.
As a community broadcaster, Heat Radio 1 strives toward the provision of an independent, quality radio station where diversity in service is our approach to create and uplift society with our positive attitudes. Standing by that commitment of “each one reach one”
HEAT RADIO 1 is committed to providing a professional alternative to AM, FM, and or Satellite radio services by incorporating the visions and outlooks of the people.
Wherever you are in the world our listeners can request and interact via streaming online using a computer or mobile phone connecting to social media sites like (Facebook, Twitter, websites, YouTube,etc.) truly making us the hottest internet radio on the planet.
We will continue to share our love of delivering good music to you.Thanks to all of our listeners for your continued support, donations, contributions, and spending of your time with us.
For more information and upcoming events stay tuned to the Radio of the Future .. Keep your station locked onto
Thanks for listening and God Bless!